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About Media Advertising#

Media & Advertising is a marketing and advertising agency founded in 2001 in Skopje. Since its beginning it was profiled as an agency which offered numerous services. At the beginning the agency offered its services only in Macedonia, and later also in Kosovo and Albania.

Today its primary activities are mainly concentrated in intellectual services as counseling, media planning, building strategies and building different kinds of reports. Read More


Media & Advertising is working with domestic as well as foreign clients. Adjustable to all clients needs, giving each of them the special place they deserve.

A well trained and experienced team works in order to meet the clients’ needs. All taken activities are based on analysis and scientific research which gives the client the needed directions and pathways for fulfilling their goals. Read More

Business Packages#

As key activities in Media & Advertising are considered intellectual services such as – media planning, building media strategies, competitive reports and etc. Our services can be divided into the following groups... Read More